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I don't know about you but I personally loved marrie couples who are down to share their wives. Well, that's the case in today's MILF Hunter update titled Room For Two. Levi and one of the guys hit the golf course to relax and ended up getting buddied up with a married couple. Just Levi's luck the wife was a smoking hot Latina who is an absolute freak.

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This hot momma kept flaunting her round ass in Levi's face dropping all types of hints. The best part was her husband wasn't even upset. I'm not sure what she told him but the next thing you know the game was over and the locker room fun was beginning. She had a hot sexual fantasy of being with two guys and her husband seemed happy to make it a reality.

Adryana wasted no time stripping down and getting busy on both Levi and her hubby's cocks. Watching her handle two cocks is an amazing sight. In every position possible she gets her pussy nailed while sucking the other off. This is by far the hottest locker room sex I've seen so far. She's got some juicy tits, a round booty and some award wining bedroom skills.


Utra sexy MILF Toni, needed a ride from E. Plus she wasn’t alone, she was with her sexy big ass latina friend named Marye. Not much talking was going on in the car; they both made it clear of what they wanted. These mature women got down to business once they were back at the house. They started out kissing and it soon lead to them licking each other all over. E also got a special treatment with two mouths slurping on his cock. Two is always better than one.


How to Squirt Porno

Hey guys, the other day our copy guy here at MILF Hunter was talking to a couple of guys over at Reality Kings mobile about one of the funniest viral porno videos that he has ever seen, and he just BEGGED us to share it on our blog! In this funny squirt video, these two babes began walking up to random couples telling them that they have the ultimate lesson to teach them how to make a babe squirt. They then did give them the ultimate lesson; they took them back to Reality King headquarters, sat them down in a class room and gave them a lesson that they'll won't soon forget! If you see only one how to squirt video this year, make sure it's the one from MILF Hunter!


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Why even bother looking for happiness when you could find cheap thrills in shit like a free mature sex video, straight from your favorite mature website...MILF Hunter? In this video, we got ourselves a sexy cougar chick working at the gym to take off all of her clothes and fuck her best girlfriend. What we caught on video is totally hot and it is something that you will have to see to believe! If you think you've seen hot MILF Hunter action before, you haven't seen anything yet. This free mature sex video is one of the best RKTV videos we have ever done!


Mature Three-Way Porno

MILF Hunter has to ask; what is better than bringing in one hot, sexy mature babe into your bedroom for an all-night sex session? How about bringing in TWO hot, sexy, mature babes for an all-night sex session! That's what we have in store for you in today's video! We managed to find two high-priced lawyer chicks who like to double up on guys for fun on the weekends! They say that it's the best way to get their heart rates up outside of the courtroom! Well, we really hope that works out for you girls. We know that it works out for us here at MILF Hunter because we love to watch mature three-way sex!


Sex on a Boat

Ever notice that hot girls really love boats? Something about the ocean tends to make them wet. Perhaps it's the gentle rocking and swaying that makes their pussy lips moist and open, or the fact that if you have a boat then maybe you have money too. Whatever the case, getting a boat is a great way to get laid, and it's your best chance of getting a three way going with two horny chicks. So, sail away for adventure and raise your mast.

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