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MILF Hunter Blog closes the week off with one superbly sexy and curvy, Russian babe. This sexy MILF is all about it! She has natural big tits, a scrumptious, spank worthy ass and killer fuck skills in the sack. This long hair beauty is total sex fiend and loves to suck a mean dick and get her mature pussy pounded! You'll love watching this older Russian dame getting her twat pounded in this rad ass, MILF porn video!

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Which episode of MILF Hunter has managed to get the record for largest view count in one week? It's this mature blonde creampie video that goes by the name of "Lovely Cheetah". Watching the episode, you can see why it is so popular; it features a really hot babe not only getting hot cum poured deep into her pussy (that's the grand finale, not to ruin the ending for you or anything) but all sorts of raunchy and fun sex acts.

The episode opens up with the MILF Hunter running into this really hot MILF babe at a restaurant in downtown Miami. After hustling her for a while, he manages to get the babe to follow him back to his mansion and convinces the chick to get a little wet and have some fun in the sun. Well, it turns out that this chick can only soak in the sunshine for so long before she starts to get really horny and wants to fuck everything in sight. Luckily the MILF Hunter is there to catch the action!

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A little later in the film, the MILF Hunter and his prey enter into the mansion and they basically engage in one of the most intense dildo-fuckings I have ever seen in a porn film. Even though the dildo they used was one of those super expensive stainless steel ones, I was still surprised that the fucking thing didn't break! See the miracle of sex for yourself by joining up with MILF Hunter right now!

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Holy shit, does this cougar orgasm porn video on MILF hunter ever deliver. The chick in this porn video today, and I am sure that you will find that you will have a raging erection for an entire week! I think the best thing about this entire video is just how hot the main chick is in it. She's so hot that I honestly think the ancient Greeks would had carved statues in her images if she was around!

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What makes this chick so hot? Well, first of all she has a great pair of tits, a taut stomach, and an ass that you could bounce quarters off of. What more do you need? Check out this cougar orgasm porn video today, only at MILF Hunter!


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We take things back to basics today here at MILF Hunter with a free MILF penetration pic gallery. This chick is honestly one of the hottest chicks that we have had on our site in the longest time, and I really fucking love that we have footage of her getting a cream pie that you just won't believe! What is it about MILF babes that make them so magical? I don't know, but I do know that I can watch videos like this free MILF penetration pic gallery over and over again!

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Do you like free food? Ok, what about free MILF food sex porn on MILF Hunter? Whatever your answer is, you can't change the fact that today on our site we have some really hot food sex videos! This chick in this movie just loves playing with all of the sauces, and we love her so much for that fact! Watch this chick do the nasty today, only at MILF Hunter, your number one site for all of your favorite MILF Porn!

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Levi does it again. While lingerie shopping with his pal to find a sex outfit for his girlfriend he runs into Michelle, a hot mom with bug fucking tits. Levi immediately turned on the charm and she really took a liking to his chivalrous ways. It's no wonder he always has a hot MILF under his arm. She agreed to come back to his place for some chat before having to pick up her kids. Michelle was looking so fucking hot in her pink get up and her black boots.

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After talking for sometime they both decided they wanted a little more fun and what's funner than MILF Sex? not much really, not when you're a fucking MILF Hunter next to a hot mom. These two get on mighty hard and deep. Michelle gives him a mind boggling meat rod polish and then spreads her legs wide open to get her mature pussy licked. You're not going to want to miss this blonde, hot mom- Michelle as she gets it on in MILF Sex Porn.


MILF Hunter Blog is back with another fine MILF update. Today we have the very lovely and banging, big booty MILF- Gia. This older dame is a gem. Her scrumptious body is in top notch conditions and her ass is looking particularly awesome in these sheer tights in which she flaunts her curvaceous and succulent body. Naturally, when Levi set his eyes on this bog booty MILF he went instantly into MILF Hunting mode.

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Well as you can well see it went really well for Levi and Gia, because these two really seem to enjoy the hell out of each other. Levi was enchanted by her big ass and her supple soft body. And she was taken by his charm and of course his fat dong. They fucked for hours hard and deep and this babe looked totally amazing through and through as she got her mature pussy ravished in this MILF HUNTER, MILF Porn...


Meet Violet, she's Levi's latest conquest. She's a top notch looking older dame. I mean this babe has a killer body and is just a delight to see in steamy MILF sex. Violet loves cock just as she loves wine, but she'll take fat dick in her mature pussy anytime and any day. She linked up with Levi and after some chatting they decided to go back to his crib to fuck.

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Well, lets just say he fucked Violet into next week or so... and she adored every moment of it. They fucked all over the place and in every single position. If you like MILF sex or you're into MILF Porn, you're going to love Violet in this off the wall MILF Sex video! don't miss out on this gem of an older dame.


If you're here its because you're most likely on the hunt for some sexy MILFs and older dames. Well you're in luck because in today's MILF Hunter Blog, we'd like to introduce to all you MILF lovers, the very lovely and scrumptious, Nicky. She's a Latina MILF with an incredibly, awesome, big ass that you'll just want to bite and spank and be smothered with it. Her tight pants look so damn good on her. This Latina hottie will have you drooling all over yourself.

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Levi had been on the prowl all day to no avail and when he was about to give up he ran into this Latina beauty. Nicky was all about it and really into Levi, so much that she went back to his place and she gave him one killer meat rod polish. He spanked her delicious Latina ass and then fucked her into next week. This is one Latina MILF you don't want to miss in hardcore action!


Happy 2012 from Reality Kings & the MILF Hunter crew. Levi is always up to something and luckily for us he always manages to bring us all the hottest moms and sexiest cougars around. This time around Levi was helping out one of his friends by covering a shift at his men's store. He called over his buddy to come hang with him and help him check out all the hot babes that kept walking in the store. He got there just in time for Rosey to walk in.

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This cutie is an older milf with a great body and a naughty strike. She kept talking about her man and how she wanted to find him some nice underwear but her actions were speaking a whole other language. It wasn't long before Levi picked up on all her lil hints and gestures and had her spread wide. This hot mom ends up getting her shaved pussy rammed in all over the store counters and floor. Check it out today with a 2 day trial membership, after all it's only a buck!

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