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Jandi Jenna might be new to the Reality Kings family (and the porn industry, in general) but you should really keep your eye on her. She's probably one of the hottest chicks that I have ever come across on this site, and put her on the level of babes such as Melanie Monroe or Sasha Grey! What makes this chick so hot? Well, first of all, look at her photos! And second of all, watch the video to see her fucking her brains out!

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I think the best thing about Jandi Jenna is the fact that she is just so sweet in the videos. When she's sucking dick, she's always all giggling all sweet-like and has a smile on her face from basically beginning to end. Some chicks are really intense when they fuck, and get lost in the ecstasy of fucking. But for this chick, it really seems like it's all about having fun and letting loose!

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Man, I can't take my eyes off of the curvy cougar with huge tits on this MILF Hunter video. In this Free MILF Hunter video, called "Easy Rider" (no relation to the counter-culture classic film, I assume), this really hot carpet munching cougar takes a ride on a bike, and basically fucks everything that walks! You just have to see the scene where she eats out the asshole of the MILF Hunter. You've never seen a babe eat something so passionately before! This is a movie that you just can't miss out on, so I highly suggest that you download it today!

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I think one of the things that I love about Free MILF Hunter videos is the fact that we are always showing hot older dames. The reason that I like this so much is the fact that most MILFs have a little bit of meat on their bones - they're not just those skinny little wisps that you usually see in porn videos. A great example of this is the curvy MILF deep throat video that we have for you today on our site.

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Coming from our featured episode Easy Rider (no relation to the counter-culture film), this movie features this chick who has a hot curvy body - huge breasts, big ass, and wide thighs - that just can't get enough of shoving rock-hard penises deep into her throat. This chick just doesn't stop at the head of the penis - she shoves the whole shaft deep into her mouth! It's pretty hot to watch!

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Did you have a chance to download this Free MILF Hunter torrent yet? It features some nasty horny MILF sex that is so hot that it puts even all of that crazy nonsense in our cougar oral sex porn video "Pussy Eating" to shame. These chicks just love to have sex, and their super loud screaming orgasms proves it. If you only watch one MLIF Hunter video this year (and why would you do a crazy thing like that?) I highly suggest that you check out this nasty horny MILF sex video today!

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We've explored the fun world of MILF in Thong videos plenty of times before on the Free MIlF Hunters Porn blog, and once again we're going to dip are little schooner in that side of the ocean with this sexy MILF thong video! This time around, the chick in the thong is so fucking stacked that you would swear that the thong is going to be swallowed up by her ass and vanish from this earth forever.

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Of course, even though this is thong porn, this chick's clothes don't stay on for too long...within moments of the MILF Hunter entering into the room, she rips off that underwear and begins to fuck that dude doggy style. I really love it when chicks are super-aggressive in bed, and I think that you probably feel the same way as well!

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Working here at Free MILF Hunter Video takes a lot of dedication, as it can be hard for someone who looks at porn all day to take the time to tear his eyes away from the hot naked bodies and actually write about it. That's my dilemma, that's my curse. Honestly, I could right now be masturbating to this really awesome cougar cum video instead of writing about it, but then I wouldn't have money to pay for groceries and stuff. It's so tough!

This episode is especially difficult to write about - it's called "Healthy Fucking" and I am pretty sure that it is one of the hottest things that I have ever seen in my entire life. It features not one but TWO cougars who vie for the attention of our friendly neighborhood MILF Hunter. Seeing them eat each other out to see who could cum first is really worth the price of admission alone.

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There is this other scene where the Vero chick gets out a vibrator and shoves it deep into her pussy, and the other super hot MILF tries to lick her clit! I don't know how they managed to do that without accidentally knocking out the MILF's teeth, but they did! Check out how by watching this Free MILF Hunter video today!


How far do you think you can shove a phallic-shaped object down your mouth? This chick in this MILF deepthroat porn can shove it pretty deep, and I love her for it. Her name is Kris, and she is one of those babes who is all about giving dudes pleasure, which is why she's so eager to suck a dick all the way down to the tonsils. I would say that this babe is so good at deep throat that she puts Jordan Jolie to shame! (No offense,'re pretty good at fucking as well!)

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I really like this video, because it is a pretty good demonstration of everything that MILF Hunter does great - showing hot older babes fucking on film and enjoying every second of it. There is a pretty big thrill of watching a chick with huge tits have her tight pussy get pounded pretty deep. It's akin to riding a roller coaster or falling in love for the first time. Check out this video today to see what I'm talking about!

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Porn star Kristy Kelly has a rare honor...she's one of the few Reality Kings babes who has been featured on both MILF Hunter AND Pure 18! This chick has been in the porn industry for quite some time, and has really set it on fire during that time. Just thinking about all of the times she did anal sex is enough to give me a semi-erection down in my pants and a smile on my face.

I think my favorite thing about this chick is her ass. For a white chick, she sure has a pretty incredible bubble butt that I can stare at all day. I don't know about you, but every time I see that gigantic white moon, I try to reach through my screen to slap it. I know that would probably result in my accidentally destroying my monitor, but I don't give a shit!

Kristy Kelly is one of those MILF Hunter babes in the style of Brooke Tyler - a chick who isn't afraid to take charge in the bedroom and to make a demand or two. Make no mistake, when you're fucking Kristy Kelly you are not the one in charge, she is. Not that is a problem or anything, because she's hot as hell and pretty good at sex as well!

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NAME: Melanie Monroe
ALSO KNOWN AS: Mellanie Monroe 
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
SEX DRIVE: Always stuck in top gear!

Is there a MILF Porn star somewhere in the world who is hotter than Melanie Monroe? Honestly, after watching this free MILF Hunter episode "Mellanies Melons," I have to say that it is very unlikely. This chick is just way too hot and way too good at sex for there to be any type of serious competition.

Standing tall at 5'9'' and possessing an incredible set of measurements (36D-28-38), this chick really is quite the babe to stare at! She has been working the porn scene since 2009, and since starting she has amassed over 300 porn titles under her just got to love somebody's a hard worker, don't you?

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This whole video really reminds me a lot of porn star Brooke Tyler's work on MILF Hunter in the fact that both babes really give it their all when it comes to fucking, and never stop riding until they get the cum they want. Check it out today if you're a fan of good porn!

You're going to love the things Melanie Monroe shoves into her pussy!

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