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Levi was looking for a new pad to fuck, I mean to rent and that's how he met the lovely older dame Kylie. He was lucky to score with this gorgeous blonde bombshell, because she was petty fucking pist off after waiting for him for an hour to show him a house he had his little heart set on. However, once he set eyes on Kylie and her huge milk jugs his attention totally shifted. Thank goodness he's blessed with hunky looks and charisma that almost any woman will melt under.

Kylie was a toughy to chipper up, but nothing excites Levi than a challenge. I suppose it's in the nature of all MILF Hunters. Finally, she relaxed and she was looking so fucking hot. He couldn't wait to dip his fat dong in her mature pussy. Apparently, this beautiful blonde needed to get laid because from being absolutely livid she got super horny and couldn't keep her hands to herself. She got on the kitchen counter and Levi licked her kitty. She was moaning out of pure ecstasy and then finally got a fat meat injection.

This gorgeous MILF is an absolute delight to watch in action! She's a totally kinky babe but so gracious it's almost angelic. This MILF will surely bewitch you with her great looks and her superb fuck skills. Don't miss this kick ass MILF Hunter video: "What A Show."

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Levi met the gorgeous, voluptuous and stunning Zoe Holiday over at the mall. He was sitting around slurping on a smoothie pondering on what the fuck he was going to do on such a boring and rainy afternoon when out of nowhere this lovely woman crosses his path. In typical Levi style he went into MILF Hunter mode. In no time he convinced this hot mom to sit down and chat with him. She was a charming blonde with huge boobs.

The two really hit it off and Levi was determined to have Zoe Holiday. He invited her over to his fuck pad. Much to his surprise she didn't put much resistance. It seems as they were both on the same page. They arrived to his house, talked a little more and then her shirt came off revealing her gigantic, succulent boobs. Levi was absolutely mesmerized. He oiled up her milk jugs and gave them a nice, smooth massage. Zoe Holiday was totally turned on and couldn't wait to have his fat dong. She spreads her legs wide open and Levi enters her with a vengeance.

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Valerie Fox is a gem of a MILF. Levi scored big time when he stumbled upon this beauty of a Euro MILF at the flea market. She was shopping for luggage, so we're guessing she was heading back home but not before Levi got a piece of that gorgeous ass! Valerie Fox has a banging body that's in top notch shape. She has a tight, big ass that's just mesmerizing, her big boobs are divinely succulent and her British accent will dazzle you while putting you in some kind of stupor. Good thing Levi snapped out of it and invited this beauty over to his pad.

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Valerie Fox had not gotten laid since her stay in the states. We think she was lying, but that's of little importance. She was more than down to get down and dirty with Levi. She sucked his fat wang and he fucked her in every position possible. This babe was blown away. In fact, after their fuck fest, she fell right to sleep. Don't miss this gorgeous, Euro MILF in the hottest MILF sex ever. Check her out in MILF Hunter video: "Freak In The Sheets."


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Carly Bell is one stunning real MILF with a gorgeous, big ass. Levi had the pleasure to hook up with this precious MILF and fuck her and take some awesome nude cell phone pictures. She slept over and he was in the mood for some more fun. She looks so hot, sleeping with her sexy ass popping up and out of her thong as well as her nicely, shaved pussy. Almost a sad thing to wake her from her sweet slumber but sadder to let the time pass without seeing this honey in action.

As soon as she felt Levi licking her mature pussy and playing with her clit she started getting into it. After all, Carly Bell is a hot MILF with a scrumptious body and her love for cock is immense. She begins to give him one of her award winning meat rod polishes and before you even realize this older dame is getting her pussy plummeted from every angle. She's a delight to watch. Don't miss her in MILF Hunter video: "Ring Her Bells."

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Misty Law is yet another victim of a shitty marriage and who best to cheer up this tired mom and one that hasn't had any real action in quite sometime, other than our man: MILF Hunter- Levi! She was riding her bike around his house hoping he'd come out. When he finally did she was just smittened and he was certainly taken aback by her gorgeous, top notch, mature body. This MILF is a total babe and trust us, this is one mature honey you have to check out in MILF sex!

They began to talk and he invited her inside for a drink. Misty Law immediately accepted. She couldn't wait to get her hands all over hunky Levi and he was on that same plain with her. He went to show her his room and that's when the real action began. This mature beauty quickly got naked and pulled his pants down, gifting him with an amazing meat rod polish. He then took her and fucked her MILF pussy to oblivion. She looked just divine as she popped her gorgeous, big ass in the air ready for another pounding. Check her out in awesome, MILF sex in MILF Hunter video: "Bed Head." You'll be blown away by this fantastic older dame.

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Levi was at a convenient store when hot mom, Lani waltzed inside as she argued on her phone about child support payments and having to buy her daughter a shitty dress for her birthday. Levi couldn't help but over hear this babe's outraged conversation. He also couldn't keep from noticing how fucking hot this MILF was. He offered to buy the dress for her. Lani was eternally grateful and wanted to return the favor. Levi despite himself tried to convince her otherwise. But she was persistent, so he gave her his number and told her he'd like to hang out with her later and spend sometime.

Sure enough she called later that afternoon. Lani much like Levi had more than hanging out on their minds. She needed a good form to release stress and what better way than by a good lay. This slim, brunette MILF was a fun girl that wanted to show Levi a good time as well. These two got it on so hard. Levi rammed her wet pussy with a vengeance. Lani was feeling just splendid and looking utterly sexy as she got the pounding of a lifetime. Check out hot mom Lani in MILF Hunter video: "So Ready" You'll love this hot honey in action.

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If you're a MILF Hunter, "boy" are you going to love this MILF Hunter Blog update. Meet Crystal, she's a hot MILF with a buff body. She's in top notch condition and has the most superb assets ever. Her big ass, is firm and utterly edible. She has huge boobs that are a delight to watch as they bounce up and down as this older dame gets her dick on. Moreover, this babe is a cock fiend that can fuck for hours on end if she just had all the time in the world.

Crystal was totally smittened when Levi struck a conversation up with her at the gym. Immediately they both had one thing in mind and that was "fucking." Levi couldn't get over at how amazing this hot MILF was. He was just dying to see her pussy and dip his dick in it. Before you can even realize, these two have found some privacy and Levi is carefully worshiping her define body. Crystal was dying for a taste of his cock. She sucks his dick and then gets her mature pussy plummeted. This babe does the reverse cowgirl like a true champ. Don't miss this amazing update! Check out MILF Hunter video: "What A Looker."

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Jewel is hot a MILF with a wild fantasy. Levi met her a few weeks back at a bar in which she was having drinks with a very uninterested husband. He managed to slip her his number and she made sure to put that number to great use. Jewel contacted Levi a few weeks later and told him all about this fantasy she had about fucking her boss. Levi thought it was hot! He was stoked to have met a naughty, cheating wife.

They met up and Levi was all ready to role play in his suit and tie and she was just as ready in her sexy executive get up but underneath she had the naughtiest lingerie ever. Levi was really taken by this knock out of a blonde MILF. She was sexy as hell with a hot body and was kinky and imaginative. He dicked her down like she deserved and this lovely, cheating wife couldn't have it had it any other way. This babe is a knock out. If you like MILF porn, you really have to check out this MILF Hunter video: "Formal Fucking." It will totally blow you out of the water.

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We were stunned when this hot, older dame walked into the bar for obvious reasons. Veronica has a hot to trot MILF body that can just about make any grown man cry. This blond MILF has monster curves that are just to die for. Her big tits are extraordinary and they're natural and supple. Once Veronica had a few drinks in her, she started revealing her very horny side and quickly got busy with our well endowed stud: Levi. Veronica dropped her panties and showed us her big ass and her shaved pussy. Soon after she got her MILF pussy fucked.

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