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I have to admit, Halloween has to be my favorite holiday. It's the one day that everyone gets to play dress up and let their wild and sexy side shine. We get to let the freak in us come out and not just behind closed doors. With that being said, I'm sure you've imagined MILFHunter had to put on a party. Well actually it was Levi who got the party going being the freak that he is.

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Levi called over some horny friends to party with him at his little Halloween party this past weekend. Of course he was just looking for some ass and taking advantage of all the ladies in their barely existing dress up costumes. He was trying hard to pick up this one blond but got turned down after hr man showed up. However he wasn't about to give up and little did he know he wasn't going to need to try any harder. The big booty bartender lets him get a good look at what she was working with and let him know she would be more then happy to take care of him.

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