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Levi learned about hot mom, Crystal through a mutual friend who was commenting on what a hot MILF she was and all but that as of lately she had been kind of down and out of the loop since being a mom and married to long to the same guy. You know how that be can detrimental to a woman... Anyway, Levi was super interested in meeting her and heard she was quite the work out buff so he arranged to meet her at the gym.

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Carly Bell is one stunning real MILF with a gorgeous, big ass. Levi had the pleasure to hook up with this precious MILF and fuck her and take some awesome nude cell phone pictures. She slept over and he was in the mood for some more fun. She looks so hot, sleeping with her sexy ass popping up and out of her thong as well as her nicely, shaved pussy. Almost a sad thing to wake her from her sweet slumber but sadder to let the time pass without seeing this honey in action.

As soon as she felt Levi licking her mature pussy and playing with her clit she started getting into it. After all, Carly Bell is a hot MILF with a scrumptious body and her love for cock is immense. She begins to give him one of her award winning meat rod polishes and before you even realize this older dame is getting her pussy plummeted from every angle. She's a delight to watch. Don't miss her in MILF Hunter video: "Ring Her Bells."

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Levi was at a convenient store when hot mom, Lani waltzed inside as she argued on her phone about child support payments and having to buy her daughter a shitty dress for her birthday. Levi couldn't help but over hear this babe's outraged conversation. He also couldn't keep from noticing how fucking hot this MILF was. He offered to buy the dress for her. Lani was eternally grateful and wanted to return the favor. Levi despite himself tried to convince her otherwise. But she was persistent, so he gave her his number and told her he'd like to hang out with her later and spend sometime.

Sure enough she called later that afternoon. Lani much like Levi had more than hanging out on their minds. She needed a good form to release stress and what better way than by a good lay. This slim, brunette MILF was a fun girl that wanted to show Levi a good time as well. These two got it on so hard. Levi rammed her wet pussy with a vengeance. Lani was feeling just splendid and looking utterly sexy as she got the pounding of a lifetime. Check out hot mom Lani in MILF Hunter video: "So Ready" You'll love this hot honey in action.

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