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NAME: Jordan Jolie
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde

Porn star Jordan Jolie (aka Melanie Ann) has been at this game for quite a while. Starting all the way back in 2006, this chick has made over 300 films and counting. I am really in love with her and her 34DD-24-36 frame. This chick really knows how to fuck, and the best thing is that she really loves to fuck! Seeing that smile on her face whenever she cums is one of my favorite things about reviewing her movies. Check out her hot work today!

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Levi does it again. While lingerie shopping with his pal to find a sex outfit for his girlfriend he runs into Michelle, a hot mom with bug fucking tits. Levi immediately turned on the charm and she really took a liking to his chivalrous ways. It's no wonder he always has a hot MILF under his arm. She agreed to come back to his place for some chat before having to pick up her kids. Michelle was looking so fucking hot in her pink get up and her black boots.

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After talking for sometime they both decided they wanted a little more fun and what's funner than MILF Sex? not much really, not when you're a fucking MILF Hunter next to a hot mom. These two get on mighty hard and deep. Michelle gives him a mind boggling meat rod polish and then spreads her legs wide open to get her mature pussy licked. You're not going to want to miss this blonde, hot mom- Michelle as she gets it on in MILF Sex Porn.


MILF Hunter Blog returns with one very hot update which in includes a very hot, blonde MILF. We were asking Levi, why does he always agree to look over friend's businesses and what have yous...He says it's great for MILF Hunting, so we thought- "sure that makes sense" but when he decided to go and watch over his friend's cigar shop, we didn't think he'd luck out in this endeavor. Curiously enough on the 3rd day a scrumptious blonde, with monster curves, big booty and huge tits waltzed in. Her name is Shawnie Austin. This babe is all that and more. Immediately, Levi went into MILF Hunting mode and talked to the hot blonde. She said she had just quit her job and couldn't be happier.

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Shawnie Austin is payed! She gets a fat alimony check and was just keeping a job a to entertain herself. But I guess now she was in the mood for some other kind of entertainment. She began flirting with Levi and in little time these two get it on. You don't want to miss this voluptuous beauty as she gets dicked down. Shawnie Austin is absolutely breath taking. Check her out in MILF Hunter video: "Slammin Shawnie." You'll love this smoking blonde as she gets down and dirty!


Levi has really out done himself this time. He's managed to hook up two very gorgeous MILFs, one is a blonde hottie and the other a sexy brunette. Their names are Becky Lynn and Rhyanna Lee and these hot mommas are fucking kinky as hell and down for it all. This is one MILF Hunter Blog update you're going to want to revisit over and over.

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Levi sure is the master in MILF Hunting, it's like all these fine as hell MILFs just fall on his lap. For instance, in this MILF Hunter Blog update, Levi was taking care of his friend's bar which happened to be out of town. The place was empty when out of nowhere this really hot, blonde MILF comes in to have drinks. She was looking especially succulent in her mini, pink dress. Levi couldn't have been more excited, it was just the action he was looking for.

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Veronica, the blonde MILF was looking for some action herself and couldn't peel her eyes off hunky Levi. The place continued to be empty and she continued to have drinks. Before you even realize Veronica and Levi hit it off and she was drunk now and feeling quite frisky. She flashed her perfect big breasts at Levi and her shaved pussy. Needless to say, he was in heaven. This hot MILF also, had a perfect, plump big booty. In no time they get it on and Levi fucks her mature pussy against the bar and explodes an epic cum shot on her face. Don't miss out on this awesome MILF Hunter video: "Panty Dropper" This older dame will make your day!


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Levi was looking for a new pad to fuck, I mean to rent and that's how he met the lovely older dame Kylie. He was lucky to score with this gorgeous blonde bombshell, because she was petty fucking pist off after waiting for him for an hour to show him a house he had his little heart set on. However, once he set eyes on Kylie and her huge milk jugs his attention totally shifted. Thank goodness he's blessed with hunky looks and charisma that almost any woman will melt under.

Kylie was a toughy to chipper up, but nothing excites Levi than a challenge. I suppose it's in the nature of all MILF Hunters. Finally, she relaxed and she was looking so fucking hot. He couldn't wait to dip his fat dong in her mature pussy. Apparently, this beautiful blonde needed to get laid because from being absolutely livid she got super horny and couldn't keep her hands to herself. She got on the kitchen counter and Levi licked her kitty. She was moaning out of pure ecstasy and then finally got a fat meat injection.

This gorgeous MILF is an absolute delight to watch in action! She's a totally kinky babe but so gracious it's almost angelic. This MILF will surely bewitch you with her great looks and her superb fuck skills. Don't miss this kick ass MILF Hunter video: "What A Show."

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Levi met the gorgeous, voluptuous and stunning Zoe Holiday over at the mall. He was sitting around slurping on a smoothie pondering on what the fuck he was going to do on such a boring and rainy afternoon when out of nowhere this lovely woman crosses his path. In typical Levi style he went into MILF Hunter mode. In no time he convinced this hot mom to sit down and chat with him. She was a charming blonde with huge boobs.

The two really hit it off and Levi was determined to have Zoe Holiday. He invited her over to his fuck pad. Much to his surprise she didn't put much resistance. It seems as they were both on the same page. They arrived to his house, talked a little more and then her shirt came off revealing her gigantic, succulent boobs. Levi was absolutely mesmerized. He oiled up her milk jugs and gave them a nice, smooth massage. Zoe Holiday was totally turned on and couldn't wait to have his fat dong. She spreads her legs wide open and Levi enters her with a vengeance.

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