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What can I say about MILF Hunter porn star Tara Star that hasn't been screamed in ecstasy over and over in bedrooms across America? This super hot MILF penetration babe first busted into the scene with her incredible 36DD boobs this year and already she's made 21 awesome films! Keep an eye on this Tara Star chick, she's going to utterly blow your mind in a lot of really awesome ways! Check out her hot porn movie today, only at MILF Hunter!

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Today on Free MILF Hunter...what do we have for you, again? Oh yeah, that's right. We have for you a tan Italian MILF fucking her goddamn brains out. This is one of those videos that we have done for MILF Hunter where everything went just beyond perfect - this chick just was really "on" that day and probably did the best fucking of her entire life! I'm super jealous of the dude that she fucks in this video! If you liked classic videos like that one Free MILF Hunter Facial Porn Video we did a while back, then you just need to check out this porn we have in store for you today!

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If you have an erection right now, I'm going to guess that it's because that you're looking at these photos of this Free MILF Hunter 69 cougar sex tape. This super hot hot mature babe really knows how to treat a man in bed, probably because of all of her years of experience, I'd say. Be sure to watch for the scene where she gives a super big blow job. It's honestly one of the hottest things I've seen in the longest time!

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NAME: Syren DeMer
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'6''

What else can you do when a porn star veteran such as Syren DeMer makes an appearance on your porn site? To me, I have no other option other than to make her our Featured Babe of the Week! This chick has been in the porn industry since 2006 (starting at the age of 37) and since then she has starred in over 80 films! And honestly, I think that this video she has done for Free MILF Hunter videos is the best one she has done yet! It's really great to watch her in action, especially after she got that boob job back in 2009. Check her out...she's the best featured babe on our site since we had Phoenix Marie guest star!

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How far do you think you can shove a phallic-shaped object down your mouth? This chick in this MILF deepthroat porn can shove it pretty deep, and I love her for it. Her name is Kris, and she is one of those babes who is all about giving dudes pleasure, which is why she's so eager to suck a dick all the way down to the tonsils. I would say that this babe is so good at deep throat that she puts Jordan Jolie to shame! (No offense,'re pretty good at fucking as well!)

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I really like this video, because it is a pretty good demonstration of everything that MILF Hunter does great - showing hot older babes fucking on film and enjoying every second of it. There is a pretty big thrill of watching a chick with huge tits have her tight pussy get pounded pretty deep. It's akin to riding a roller coaster or falling in love for the first time. Check out this video today to see what I'm talking about!

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I love watching MILF gym sex, and this free MILF Hunter porn episode "Nice Spread" is no exception. The chick in it is just so hot, and she has this really great body that comes from working in the gym for so many years. This video kind of reminds me of that one video we did a while back featuring the MMF MILF Orgy Video, only this time there's just one super hot babe who seems to be so obsessed with the cock that nothing can stop her desire!

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I think my favorite part of this whole video is the scene where the super hot MILF with the big cans takes her pussy and shoves a rock-hard cock deep inside of it, and then begins to ride the dude all reverse cowgirl style. I mean, I think that there is nothing in the world that is more awesome than a chick taking charge in the bedroom, and nobody in the world takes charge more than this babe! Watch this hot video today, only at MILF Hunter!


What do you want out of life? All I want is some XXX Cougar Porn, and thank God I can now get such a thing thanks to this MILF Hunter episode "Fun in the Sun!" This chick in this video is one of those babes with super-big tits who really loves to fuck. You're going to go insane watching her ride up and down on a gigantic cock, so I feel like you don't really have any option other than signing up for MILF Hunter today! With our new $1 trial subscription offer, it's fucking easier than ever! Holy shit!

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Do you like pussy eating? What about salad tossing? What about cat flipping? Well, if you like the first two things then you are really going to like this Sexing in the Rain episode of MILF Hunter. If you like the third thing, you're a liar. There's no such sex move as "cat flipping." I made it up, and you just played along to sound cool. Pathetic.

See this movie NOW! This is not a suggestion, this is a DEMAND. Get to it!

Anyways, for the rest of you, this jam packed episode of MILF Hunter basically has every combination of tongue to body that you can imagine, and then some. This chick is really into having body play around ALL of her erogenous zones. And it's super sexy to watch her squirm with pleasure when she gets played with in that way.

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Our featured MILF Hunter Tube video of the day is this little video that goes by the simple title Bahama Mama. In this porn, we have so much hot poolside sex that I highly suggest that you chlorinate your pool just so it could maintain the right pH balance. These chicks in this video start off just lounging around the poolside, and end up engaging in some of the naughtiest sex acts you have ever seen.

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Have you ever watched a really hot MILF eat out the asshole of a sexy soccer mom while the soccer mom suck off some dude she just met? You will once you watch this video. You'll also see some double anal action, a pussy get eaten until the MILF's pussy cums all over the place, and a funny little scene featuring an inflatable raft. (That is also sexy)

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What makes this video so special is the fact that all of the MILFs in it are just so into their job. I have never seen babes so dedicated to making themselves cum, and I will probably never see something as hot as that again. This MILF Hunter video makes me really proud to be a part of this site, and I'm sure if you watch it you would feel proud to be a part of it as well!


I really get excited when we get new content here at MILF Hunter Video, such as this one featuring the MILF Hunter making some mature pussy fingerbang sex. This dude is so awesome when it comes to putting his digits deep into a pussy that he can make any chick cum within a matter of moments. Watching the chick in this video buckle her knees and spray cum everywhere is honestly one of the sexiest things in the world. If you like great porn, check out this video today.

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