Julianna Latina MILF porn on Reality Kings

Julianna was a sexy Cuban MILF who was a neighbor of Levi's. She'd know about the website and wanted to get a shot at him first hand. This mature Latina was a freak and devised a plan to get to that cock. She came over and told him her washing machine was broken and that just wanted to do some wash at his place. Levi was more than willing to do her the favor. Julianna had some insane curves and was all tits and ass. While the wash was going, Levi told her to hang out. But really, he wanted to check out her panties.

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Just as he was giving them a sniff, Julianna poked her head in and caught him. She didn't say anything though and just went back to the room and started masturbating. The door was wide open, so when Levi came looking, it was game on. Julianna told him about the panties and asked him for that MILF Hunter dick. Levi pounded that pussy all over the couch and left his load on her sexy body and face.


Alexa MILF porn on Reality Kings

While Levi and Pauly were out four-wheeling, their bike broke down. They were way out in the sticks, but luckily had some bars on their cellys. Levi knew this hot MILF nearby he'd been wanting to get with, so he used that as an excuse to call her up. In no time, Alexa was out to the rescue. She knew about mechanics and took a look. While bent over, Levi gave that booty and grab. Alexa just laughed it off and fixed the bikes. Levi was really happy that she was able to fix the bikes and wanted to get her back.

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He told her to come back with him and Pauly, so he could give her some cash for the repairs and hook her up with some porn cock for payback. Alexa had already been eyeing him and thinking about it, so she headed back with them. Once back at the house, Pauly filmed as Levi and Alexa went wild on each other. Alexa started things off by pulling out her firm tits, sweet succulent ass and tight juicy pussy. Alexa gave Levi a stellar blow job, and he pounded that pussy deep and hard all over the couch until he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load all over Alexa's face.


Shae Summers big tits porn

This MILF Hunter threesome with Sovereign Syre and Shae Summers was one for the ages. Levi and Shae were working out in the park when this episode opened up. Shae was looking good in some tight workout clothes, and those big teen tits were mesmerizing. They'd spotted Sovereign in the park, and she was looking too good to pass on. Her booty was out of this world, and Shae and Levi both wanted a piece of this sweet MILF. They approached her, and she explained how her trainer had left her high and dry in the park.

Sovereign Syre milf porn

After an invite to workout together, Sovereign was game, and they all headed back to the house. There Shae started making out with her. The ladies caressed each other down and sucked each others pussies. It was some insanely hot lesbian action. Then Levi jumped in. Sovereign and Shae both sucked his cock at the same time. He got so sprung and horny, he pounded those snatches like a wild man until he had them both orgasming. The girls pitched in to get each other off too, and they'll be doing the same for you.


Kendra Lynn MILF threesome porn on Reality Kings

Levi had planned out a surprise for his MILF friend, Kendra. He waited in her bedroom with nothing on but a red bow tie. But before she got their, her step-daughter Ashley came in and caught his bare-assed. She was supposed to be away at college, but had arrived early for the break. At first, Ashley was taken back by Levi and had told him he had to go. But after seeing his cock, she decided he should stay, so she could have her way with him. Levi bent her over and ate that sweet college pussy and ass, and Ashley loved it. Then right in the middle of pounding that hot little box, Kendra came in on them.

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The girls got catty about Levi's cock, but he broke it up and told them there was enough of him for both of them. They made up, as they both sucked his cock at the same time and made out. Levi went to town on those two pussies. He banged that teen snatch just as hard and deep as he pounded that MILF pussy. Both the ladies orgasmed good, and when it was Levi's turn, he blew his load all over both their pretty face and hot tits. This was a MILF Hunter threesome for the ages. Don't miss it!


Devyn Cole MILF ass

This week on MILF Hunter, we had a super cute mature lady by the name of Devyn Cole. The guys spotted her while they were out getting a slice of pizza. They got her attention by chatting loudly about a sad story that made it sound like Levi was heart broke and in need of a lady in his life. Devyn bought into it and came over to try and make him feel better. Eager to cheer up Levi, Devyn took off her jacket and revealed her beautiful tits, which automatically brought a smile of Levi's face.

Devyn Cole MILF porn Reality Kings

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Devyn really liked that, so she went with it, and next thing we knew, we were all headed back to Levi's place to hang out. Back at the apartment, Levi stripped her down slowly and gave those smoking tits, that hot ass, and that nice tight pussy a rubbing. He face planted into her MILF booty and ate that pussy and butt. Devyn rewarded him with an amazing blow job. She consoled Levi with her HOT MILF pussy, as she rode his cock with a passion until Levi covered her face with his cum.


Madisin Lee big ass MILF porn star

When it comes to fine MILF pussy, Madisin Lee is at the top of the pyramid. Levi had been persuing her for a while. And finally, Madisin was game. They met up and went out to a masquerade party. While they were there, they started to get freaky, so they decided to go back to Levi's place for some late night sex. When they came in, they made a bunch of noise and woke up Pauly. He knew what was up, so he grabbed his camera to catch all the action. Levi was going down on this HOT masked MILF. She was playfully tied up with her pussy exposed.

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Madisin didn't even care there was a camera peeping on her. Levi and her were so heated up, Madisin was dying to get fucked. She was so kinky and took control. Levi was all about it, as she rode his cock like only a MILF could. It was a thing of beauty watching Madisin's big tits bounce up and down and that big juicy ass bounce and rebound from the pounding. But that MILF pussy proved too much, and Levi had to explode his load all over her pretty face. You won't want to miss this one! Madisin had a MILF ass for the ages.


Kayla West big tits MILF

Levi had seen Kayla West while at the mall with Pauly. Who could miss that sexiness and those big ripe titties? She watched porn and knew exactly who the MILF Hunter was. They started flirting then kissing, and Kayla took him in the dressing room where she started sucking his cock. Somehow, security found out, and they had to make a rub for it. They ended up heading back to Levi's where he plowed his cock between Kayla's big tits before shoving his dick down her throat while she laid with her head over the side of the bed to take it deep. Kayla was a total freak.

Kayla West MILF porn star on Reality Kings

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This mom fucked Levi like she hadn't to any other man in years. He definitely inspired her, as she got on top and rode that cock like only a MILF pro could, as her big huge tits bounced up and down from the pounding. She knew how to work it, and Levi pounded that pussy like a wild man until he couldn't take it anymore. Then he pulled out and blew his load all over Kayla's sexy tits and face. You won't want to miss this one!


Simone Sonay MILF blowjob

Levi had gone boat shopping and brought Pauly along with him. While the checked out the ones they liked, they noticed something else they liked in the distance. It was a hot MILF that was laid out on shore. Of course, the guys went over to chat her up. Her name was Simone Sonay, and she seemed like the perfect MILF to hunt. She explained that she had an inside scoop on one of the boats that was for sale. It belonged to her ex, and she had done plenty of partying aboard. All the talk of the wild parties got her worked up, so when Levi asked her to take it the party somewhere more private, Simone was down.

Simone Sonay MILF porn on Reality Kings

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Once they were back at his place, she ripped off her wetsuit to reveal her juicy pussy and ass to Levi. He wasted no time sucking that MILF pussy and ass, which only made Simone that much hotter. Levi then proceeded to bang that hot pussy all over the couch. He drilled it deep and hard and had Simone cumming like she was a teenager again. When the hunter couldn't hold out any longer, he pulled out and blew his load all over her pretty face. It was another hot MILF hunted for your pleasure.


Dava Foxx mature porn star

This week on MILF Hunter, we had on sweet Dava Foxx. Levi had a thing for her for a while, but Dava never saw it through. But this time would be different. In the past, she had passed on his advances. But this time she used a thunderstorm knocking out her power as an excuse to stop by. Right when Levi got the call, he knew it would be game on. When she arrived at his door, Dava was all dolled up and sporting a tiny outfit that showed off her all the curves of her sexy body. She teased Levi with a striptease before she let him taste her sweet MILF pussy.

Dava Foxx MILF facial

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Dava returned the favor though and gave Levi a blow job that only a mature woman had enough skills to give. It was epic! Levi was so horny by then, he dove into that pussy. He turned and contorted Dava in all kinds of positions, as he pounded that hot MILF pussy deep and hard. Dava was loving it and had several orgasms. When it was finally Levi's turn, he got the opportunity to realize one of his longtime fantasies, as he blew his cum load all over Dava's pretty face and big MILF tits. You won't want to miss this one. It was an instant classic!


Ariella Ferrera big tits Latina MILF

This week on MILF Hunter, we were lucky enough to have the Latina veteran with us, Ariella Ferrera. She was looking as good as ever with her huge tan tits. Levi was in for a special treat. They happened to come up on her while cruising a local parking lot. Pauly was a huge fan, and Levi knew her from a long time ago, so they stopped and said hello. Within second, Ariella had pulled her jacket to the side to reveal her big Latina tits. Levi knew exactly what that meant. He even started rubbing her pussy and ass before they even left the parking lot.

Ariella Ferrera MILF porn pics

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Back at the apartment, they took turns sucking each other off and even got into some HOT 69 action. From there, it escalated into an all out fuckfest. Ariella rode that cock like only a seasoned veteran MILF could, as her huge tits bounced up and down from the thrusting. Then Levi turned her around and pounded that pussy hard and deep until he couldn't take it anymore. That pussy was so HOT, he couldn't even make the facial and just blew his load all over her pussy. Lucky for Pauly, Ariella was still horny and hungry for sex.

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