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Our featured MILF Hunter Tube video of the day is this little video that goes by the simple title Bahama Mama. In this porn, we have so much hot poolside sex that I highly suggest that you chlorinate your pool just so it could maintain the right pH balance. These chicks in this video start off just lounging around the poolside, and end up engaging in some of the naughtiest sex acts you have ever seen.

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Have you ever watched a really hot MILF eat out the asshole of a sexy soccer mom while the soccer mom suck off some dude she just met? You will once you watch this video. You'll also see some double anal action, a pussy get eaten until the MILF's pussy cums all over the place, and a funny little scene featuring an inflatable raft. (That is also sexy)

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What makes this video so special is the fact that all of the MILFs in it are just so into their job. I have never seen babes so dedicated to making themselves cum, and I will probably never see something as hot as that again. This MILF Hunter video makes me really proud to be a part of this site, and I'm sure if you watch it you would feel proud to be a part of it as well!


NAME: Phoenix Marie
AGE: 30
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

In honor of Phoenix Marie's series of awesome 2012 AVN award nominations (2012 AVN Award nominee - Female Performer of the Year, Best All-Girl Group Scene, Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene, & Best MMF Three-Way Sex Scene), we present to you today Marie's totally awesome MILF Hunter video "Hooked on Phoenix." In this video, Phoenix does what she does best - fuck her fucking brains out! She does anal, oral, fetish, and even a little bit of lesbian porn all for your viewing pleasure.

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As a chick who says that the best way to describe her is a "big fucking dork [who] loves anal," Phoenix is perhaps one of the best fuckers out there in the porn industry. She started in the porn industry back in 2006, after being approached by a bouncer in a club and thank God for that because if not then we wouldn't have this really sizable library of awesome Phoenix Marie videos in our database!

We asked Phoenix what she loves most about porn, and she told us that she really likes that she learned so much about the world, especially how to be empathetic. That's pretty cool perspective on the industry. I certainly hope to see her sense of empathy grow after each hot video she does for Reality Kings!

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NAME: Jordan Jolie
AKA: Jordan Blue, Melanie Ann, Melanie Monroe
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue
SHOE SIZE: 10 (U.S. & Canada Women Size)

If you have not yet seen this Jordan Jolie anal video on MILF Hunter, then you need to do yourself a favor and sign up for our site and see the episode "Big Fan" today. This chick is so great at taking it up the ass that her nickname should be "The US Middle Class." I'm serious! I haven't seen somebody get fucked like that since my last divorce hearing!

This Atlanta native is one sweet peach who really knows how to treat her partners the right way. I love her body - she has incredible 34DD breasts (not to mention an AMAZING 36-inch waist!) - and I really love watching her put her incredible body to work. She's been at this porn game since 2006, and she really shows all of that experience on the camera!

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I really hope everybody in the world gets to see this super hot movie, it is one of my favorite ones of all time. I think I must have masturbated to it at least 39 times already, and I'm still willing to go for a couple more times! Sure my dick hurts, but it's a small price to pay for pleasuring yourself to such a super hot looking chick! Check out this Jordan Jolie video right now!


NAME: Brooke Tyler
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Brown
SHOE SIZE: 8 (U.S. & Canada Women Size)(U.S. & Canada Women Size)

Super hot porn babe Brooke Tyler might be new to the whole porn scene (She only first started making movies back in 2011) but that doesn't mean that she doesn't know what she's doing in the sack! This 45-year-old super hot MILF has the body of a Goddess and really how to fuck, and it's awesome to watch her do her stuff, especially on this MILF Hunter episode "She's the Boss."

This chick is one of those sweet midwest babes - she comes from Cincinnati, OH - who is all dirty underneath it all. I love watching her amazing 34DD-25-34 frame go up and down on a gigantic cock. In fact, I have a hard on right now just thinking about it! She's just that hot!

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I love this babe because she's a badass who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her - she has fake boobs (really awesome ones at that!) piercings in her navel, and tattoos all over her body. This is one MILF who's no soccer mom! If you like great porn, and enjoy watching porn stars do their hot shit, check out this movie today!

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Have you ever been in love? I have, I've been in love with this sexy mature blow job video on MILF Hunter ever since I first saw it. It comes from this episode called "Yard Tail" and it has a super hot babe giving a deep throat that goes ALL the way down her throat. Watching it, you would swear that it tickled her stomach or something!

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This chick in this video is one of those super hot chicks who are up for anything when it comes to fucking - creampie, titty fucking, oral, anal and everything in between. If you think you have seen raunchy chicks on MILF Hunter before, you should know that you have another thing coming!

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I just love looking at this chick, she basically has it all when it comes to the looks department, huge breasts...a nice ass...a pretty face with a smile that can melt your heart. If you're looking for a great porn film that will really get your blood boiling, this is the video for you to check out today!


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Have you had a chance to see this free blonde creampie porn video on MILF Hunter tube yet? It's super fucking awesome! I mean, I must have seen it over 100 times and I am going to watch it 100 more times after I make this post. The way this chick takes a dick so deep into her pussy is just so hot that I can't believe it! I have no clue how porn this raunchy can be legal!

This chick in this video is super hot - she has large jugs (all the better to suck!) an ass that should be framed in a museum somewhere, and a pussy that is tight in a way that you wouldn't believe. I just love watching her crawl on top of a rock-hard dick and ride it until she breaks out into a screaming orgasm!

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Ok, you better prepare yourself because these free cigar smoking MILF porn videos are so intense that they will blow your mind. This chick takes things back old school, as in "Clinton Administration" if you know what I mean! Watching mature chicks do their hot porn work just turns me on so much, I love it how this babe really has no shame in showing off her entire body to the camera - it's just so hot that I can't handle it! Watch this hot MILF Hunter porn video today!

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Hooo, boy! You just need to watch the hottest MILF pierced nipples porn in the world. It's right here at MILF Hunter, and you should know that it is absolutely out of this world. there is just something about seeing a nasty mama with her tits pierced that gives me a hard-on. I don't know if it's because it makes the breasts look more enticing, or because I know that her nipples are more sensitive. Whatever the reason, this MILF pierced nipples porn is totally worth checking out!

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Crap, I think I am in love again. I started watching this MILF Hunter hot mature blow job video the other day and now it's all I can think of! I just can't get out of my head the image of this hot chick wrapping her beautiful lips around this guy's rock-hard dick. I think there is just something about the fact that she's so horny when she fucks him with his mouth. See it for yourself by watching this hot mature blow job video today!

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This MILF Hunter video of a spread eagle cougar pussy is so sexy that it just blows my mind. I have spent the entire day just laying on the office floor trying to wrap my mind around how a chick as hot as this one could be so great at sex! I mean, this babe is absolutely great at cream pie, facials, anal play and so much more. I had no clue that there could be so much talent in just one little body. Check out this spread eagle cougar pussy today!

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