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Brandi Jaimes porn on MILF Hunter

This week MILF Hunter hit the high seas with Brandi Jaimes. When the episode started, the guys were out at the marina scoping some fine MILFs they'd heard hang out there. In no time, Levi caught wind of Brandi walking in the distance. They approached her, as she sat in a chair by herself and asked what was up? Brandi explained that her girlfriend sold her out because they were supposed to go out on her boat, but now she was just there with nothing to do. Of course, the guys jumped on the opportunity and invited her out with them.

Once they were out at sea, Levi put the moves on Brandi. She liked younger guys, so it didn't take much effort. This MILF was experienced and more than ready for some action. She had some huge DD tits she showcased, and pretty soon, Levi was rubbing on that pussy to get it wet. Brandi returned the favor with a blow job that was so skillful only a MILF could out it down. Pretty soon, Levi was banging that HOT Milf pussy all over the boat. Brandi worked it like a champ and made him cum hard. Of course, Levi shot his load all over her face.


Dixie Brooks MILF porn on Reality Kings

Dixie Brooks was a gorgeous and slim MILF. Paulie had been wrapping with her for a while and felt she was a perfect candidate for MILF Hunter. It turned out she had a start up company and was looking for some investors. She had a cheesecake bakery, and Levi was definitely interested it putting in on it, but he wanted to taste the goods first. Dixie was to bring samples to his house, so he could give her amazing product a taste test before going all in.

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Before long, the cheesecake was smothered all over Dixie's hot MILF ass, and Levi was licking it off. He told her it was delicious, yet something was missing. Dixie made sure to put his mind at ease by slathering his cock in cheesecake and sucking it all off. That definitely sealed the deal for Levi. He let her know, but Dixie was so horny all she could focus on was dick. Levi pounded her sweet pussy all over the house and closed the deal by shooting his creamy man frosting all over her pretty face. Apparently that was Dixie's favorite topping.


Hey, everybody, check out this ginger MILF cum shot video on Free MILF Hunter porn! It's one of the best redhead porn movies that I have seen in my entire life. Yes, even hotter than that one Ava Devine Big Tits didn't even have to ask! What about this video that makes it so hot? Well, probably something to do with the fact that there's this 30 minute anal scene that is just a MASTERPIECE! I've never seen a woman cum so much from ANAL before! I didn't even know that was possible!

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We're starting off this week with some really great anal MILF fuck videos, and we don't care who knows it! This Free MILF Hunter porn really starts off with a blast, and from there it goes nowhere but up! I think my favorite part of this whole video is when the chick moans "put it up my ass" and then screams with joy when the dude does so! Man, I can't decide what I love more, this video or that big anal MILF porn we did last week! Either way, you can watch both by signing up for MILF Hunter today!

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If you are going to watch some doggy style cougar porn, you might as well watch the best, which you can only find here at Free MILF Hunter porn. This video is kind of like that one MMF threesome video we did a while back - in both porn movies, the chick that's featured is a cock maniac who will basically do anything and everything for a taste of the dick. See this super hot porn today just by signing up for Free MILF Hunter porn today!

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Whatever happened to soccer moms? They seemed to all have vanished and have been replaced by MILFs, cougars, and older dames! Well, we here at MILF Hunter are doing our best to bring back the soccer mom trend by showing to you this really awesome redhead soccer mom today, thanks to our "Ginger Spice" episode! This chick is hot as hell, and has lips that are so incredible that you just won't believe them. If you pass on downloading this episode, I just know that you are going to regret it for the rest of your life. Check out this hot porn video today, only at MILF Hunter!

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What do you want out of life? All I want is some XXX Cougar Porn, and thank God I can now get such a thing thanks to this MILF Hunter episode "Fun in the Sun!" This chick in this video is one of those babes with super-big tits who really loves to fuck. You're going to go insane watching her ride up and down on a gigantic cock, so I feel like you don't really have any option other than signing up for MILF Hunter today! With our new $1 trial subscription offer, it's fucking easier than ever! Holy shit!

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NAME: Lexxi Lockhard
ALSO KNOWN AS: Lynne Lockheart
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
PUSSY: Totally tight!

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Today on MILF Hunter, we have a featured babe of the day, and she goes by the name of Lexxi Lockhart. We are super proud to have her do a video for us, and think that "What a Ride" will go down in MILF Hunter history as one of the best movies that we have ever done. In it, the super-hot chick does anal, oral, salad-tossing and just about every other sex move you can imagine!

Lexxi Lockhart is a babe who was born in Italy, but eventually found herself in Florida, the porn capital of the East. This chick loves to soak up the sun to get a tan, when she's not busy at the night club hanging out with all of her friends. Of course, this chick has a dorky side as well, she's a real sucker for video games, musicals, hot chicks and all things nerdy!

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I think what makes Lexxxi Lockhart so appealing to me is that she's just so down to earth; she only started doing porn in 2009 at the age of 30, which means that she just didn't jump into this industry without thinking about it! Enjoy this super hot babe today and her amazing 34DD-25-40 frame by signing up for the MILF Hunter army right now!


Today on MILF Hunter videos, we are spotlighting the sex move MMF threesome, by showing you what is perhaps the sexiest MMF threesome to ever been caught on film. What is it about the MMF threesome that is so hot? Well, first of all I think that MMF is awesome because it's the only only sex move that is onomatopoeic. It's also awesome to see a really hot chick take as many dicks as possible.

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What makes this video in particular so hot is just how into sex this MILF babe is. The second the second cock enters into her pussy, she basically goes crazy and begins to squirt all over the place. The last time I saw a babe go this insane was when I was in a car ride with Margot Kidder for 10 hours.

Of course, MILF Hunter isn't just about MMF threesome porn, but MILF porn of all types. Each week, we pride ourselves in bringing you hot babe after hot mature babe who enjoys sex so much that they'd do it on camera. If you are into really intense cougars who enjoy to fuck, then join up with the MILF Hunter army today!

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Today on our site, we decided to bring to you one of the most favorited videos in the history of our site. It's a cougar oral sex porn that goes by the simple name "Pussy Eating" (we're firm believers here at MILF Hunter in truth in advertising) and features this really curvy, horny MILF getting her pussy eaten out until she breaks out into a screaming orgasm!

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This chick in this video is super intense, after she gets eaten out until she cums, the chick just begs for more and more and even more! She's like the energizer bunny when it comes to sex. I get tired just WATCHING her ride on top of a rock-hard cock! Sign up with MILF Hunter to watch this video today!

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