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It's not every day that we get a porn star on our site who is as hot as Destiny Porter. Sure, yesterday we had Syren de Mer, but that's an exception to our rule. This Destiny Porter chick is the real deal when it comes to MILF porn, nobody has as much experience as her, and nobody has her stamina. Watching her fuck on film is kind of like watching an Olympic swimmer attack the pool - you have no other option other than to just sit back and bask in the athletic greatness!

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We actually had Destiny Porter featured on our site due to a die-hard MILF Hunter fan writing to us requesting that she be on our site;

Hi, I'm a big fan of MILF Hunter and I am a really big fan of Destiny Porter. Why haven't you had this chick featured on your site yet? I think that the two of you would be a match made in heaven. Make this shit happen now!

Well, if we here at MILF Hunter are anything, we're loyal to our fans. Much like our hot carpet munching cougar video, we listen to our fan requests and try to fulfill them when they seem possible. Check out this video today, you won't regret it at all!


I don't have a whole lot of words that can this cougar with hot fake tits justice. This MILF Hunter videos babe looks as if she was born to be on this site - it's just so awesome to see a hot mature babe get this worked up over sex like she does. I don't know about you, but my dick is hard right now from just looking at this picture of her. She has such a great, flat stomach, her hips are wide, and she has a sweet vag that just begs to get eaten! Watch it today!

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Oh my, this hot Latina MILF stripping porn is so sexy that I just can't wrap my head around it. What is it about chicks like these that make them so hot that they look like they are about to explode? I honestly have no clue, but if I have to spend the rest of my life watching porn to find out, then that is what I am going to do. I am an honorable, steadfast man like that. Go ahead and check out this movie, it will blow your fucking brains out!

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If you're here its because you're most likely on the hunt for some sexy MILFs and older dames. Well you're in luck because in today's MILF Hunter Blog, we'd like to introduce to all you MILF lovers, the very lovely and scrumptious, Nicky. She's a Latina MILF with an incredibly, awesome, big ass that you'll just want to bite and spank and be smothered with it. Her tight pants look so damn good on her. This Latina hottie will have you drooling all over yourself.

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Levi had been on the prowl all day to no avail and when he was about to give up he ran into this Latina beauty. Nicky was all about it and really into Levi, so much that she went back to his place and she gave him one killer meat rod polish. He spanked her delicious Latina ass and then fucked her into next week. This is one Latina MILF you don't want to miss in hardcore action!


Today on Free MILF Hunter Videos we have these great clips of some horny mature cougar sex that is sure to absolutely blow your mind! The chick in this video is one of those older dames who has no problem showing off her incredible body, and I honestly love her for that fact! I especially love her for having no problem with sucking cock on camera, as she is the absolute MASTER at sucking the cock!

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Be sure to watch out for the scene where she bends over and starts to take it from behind, because that act results in such a crazy squirting orgasm that you just won’t believe it! Be sure to watch this MILF HUnter horny mature cougar sex video, or else you will find yourself on your death bed wishing that you watched it. You don’t want to put yourself through that sort of pain, and we wouldn’t want to put you through that pain. Check it out today!

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We are putting a little Latin flavor into our site today here at MILF Hunter, with this little babe you might of heard of who goes by the name of Jamie Valentine. This super-hottie MILF really knows how to get things going in the bedroom probably because she is so good at fucking! We have never seen a handjob look so hot before, and we have seen a lot of porn in our lives!

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For a little more info about Jamie, you should know that she's been in the porn industry since 2008, and she really knows how to get it on (if you know what we mean!) She has piercings all over her body, including on her navel, nose and her tongue! If you want to know her measurements, it's 36D-24-28, and if you want to know even more about that, consult your local library! There's lots of useful information there!

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Oh my! Can we give Rose a warm welcome to the Milf Hunter family. This Latina beauty has a hella sexy big booty, that just looks so scrumptious as it bounces up and down on Levi's cock. This is one bad momma with some monster curves and kinky bedroom skills. Rose's scrumptious tits and junk in the truck make her an absolute dream come true.

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Levi picks her up at the beach after she got sold out by her girlfriend. Levi works his usual charm and gets her to head back to his house for a round down and some relaxation. She gets a rub down alright, all over both inside and out. This smoking hot MILF gets her pussy drilled in from every position imaginable. This is one mom you surely won't want to miss!

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You should do yourself a big favor and check out this Euro babe Hanna Blonde. Between her sexy, thick accent, her huge breasts and her long blonde hair, I would argue that this chick is one of the cutest, funniest babes that has been on our site in months! The best thing about this chick is that she is always horny all the time, and doesn't care who knows, women, just about anyone! Watch this Euro babe Hanna Blonde Video today!

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Hanna Blonde is also known by a couple of other names, including Jacline and Tiara Bell. She's a white porn star from the very fine country of Hungary and she first showed up in the porn star scene back in 2009. She's also 22 years old, and has a C-sized breast cup. You really should keep an eye out for her, because this babe is going places!

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Today's MILF Hunter update features a smoking hot Latina you surely wont forget. Rhyanna Lee may have been an amateur in this "Enormous Assets" porn video, but she has the skills of a pro. She's a young hot momma who is physically fit from head to toe and well groomed everywhere in-between. Rhyanna was obviously in need of some adult time and was more then willing to let loose.

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This dime piece got herself pumped full of cock and stayed looking for more. She spreads her legs and get her slit stuffed in more positions then I could keep track of. Watching her get rammed in every position possible is enough to make your mouth water.This long legged beauty went from being picked up at a liquor store to being shown the time of her life. In fact she has such a good time that she comes back for a second round in "Real Women".

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Hope all you MILF Hunters out there are in the mood for a dose of a voluptuous, Latina MILF because if you are, you're in for a quite a nice treat. You see, Dulce is a saucy Latina that just happens to be a total cock fiend. She loves Halloween because it's the perfect opportunity to dress especially provocative, party and ultimately get fucked.

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Dulce has a 40 Inch Plus ass that's totally spank worthy. Her big ass is looking especially rad in those transparent pants. Her huge boobs are exquisite as is her MILF pussy. Don't miss this older dame as she gets down and dirty and fucked to oblivion. This babe is wild and horny just like we love them around here. We're sure you'll  just adore this sexy momma as well. Don't miss her in "Do It To Dulce."

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