Jordyn Eve porn on MILF Hunter

This week we were riding with Chad on the hunt because Levi wasn't around. The guys had spotted some potential game and rolled up to check it out. It was Jordyn Eve, and she was dressed in a sexy fetish outfit. She was just returning from a party when the guys caught up with her. They asked if she was alone or with a guy. She explained how they had just broken up. She was looking for some revenge, so it was the perfect setup. Jordyn jumped in the car, and they headed out.

The guys asked if they could see more of her outfit, and she turned around and showed them her assless pants. That booty was big, ripe and ready for the taking. Back at the house, Jordyn got right to work sucking on some cock. Chad was loving it and wanted to get in that HOT milf pussy. After getting her nice and wet, he went balls deep in that nice snatch. Chad never let up and had Jordyn cumming like crazy. When it was finally his turn, he pulled out and jizzed all over her pretty face.


Nikky porn on MILF Hunter

Levi and his buddy were on their way to catch a movie when they spotted this sexy MILF by the road waving cars down. Nikki had a body that could definitely stop traffic, and they weren't about to miss out. They pulled over and quickly made Nikki's acquaintance. It turned out that Nikki was married, but her boyfriend had dumped her by the side of the road without anything, and she couldn't just call her hubby up. Nikki had a flight to New York, and the guys offered to take her if she hung out with them for a little while.

Back at the house, Nikki stripped down and showed off those big titties and that luscious ass. She was a dominating woman and told Levi to eat her pussy and ass. He dove right in and got to work. By then, they were both ready for some sex. Levi pounded that pussy and had this MILF loving life. Nikki orgasmed multiple times, and when it was finally Levi's turn, he pulled out and busted a huge nut all over her HOT milf body. The sex was crazy, and you won't want to miss it!


Alejandra Leon porn on MILF Hunter

Levi and the crew spotted Alejandra Leon while they were out getting coffee. They sort of laid back to figure out their next move, and when they saw her having trouble at a nearby ATM, they swept in. Levi asked what was going on, and Alejandra told him that her ex-hubby was being a deadbeat and hadn't deposited money he promised. Levi saw his chance and offered her a bunch of cash to come along for a ride with him. Once they were in the car he commented on how her nipples showed through her dress and that he'd give her some extra cash if she was willing to show them off. Sure enough, Alejandra went for it. Her titties and ass were amazing, and Levi had to get her home. He offered her even more cash to fuck, and she was game. Back at the house she sucked that dick like a champ. Then Levi pounded that hot MILF pussy all over the couch. Alejandra even got on top to ride that cock down deeper. Levi was loving it and had to finish off with style. He pulled out and busted a huge nut all over her gorgeous face. It was friggin awesome, and you won't want to miss it!


Sexy Ava porn on MILF Hunter

Ava was a smoking hot MILF whose hubby sold Levi and the guys boner pills. He had all the best shit and sent Ava to meet with the clientele. That was a huge mistake. Right away, Ava knew who Levi was. He offered to try out the boner pills by pounding her pussy, and she agreed. Pretty soon they were back at the house, and Levi was exposing that big hot ass and those sexy tits. Ava was a total freak and wasted no time sucking that cock. She slobbed on the knob like only a true vet could.

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Levi did her right and got her back by pounding that pussy deep and hard. It was a thing of beauty watching her work that dick. She rode it like a wild stallion as her big juicy tits and ass bounced all over from the pounding. Levi went at like a wild man until he couldn't hold out any longer then he pulled out and busted a huge nut all over her pretty face. You won't want to miss a moment of this one!


Sofia Rivera threesome porn on MILF Hunter

Levi was back at it again this week on MILF Hunter. He'd met up with the sexy Phoenix Rose for lunch, and she had brought along her super hot MILF friend, Sofie Rivera. The ladies had used the lunch as an excuse to hit him up. The truth was Levi had become a legend among MILFs, and they had to find out more. Together they all went back to his place to feel each other out. Sofia and Phoenix were both looking amazing in tight dresses.

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They were as hot as could be and wasted no time flashing their hot tits and pussies. Levi got right to it and started to eat out Sofia, as she ate out Phoenix. Pretty soon, the girls were both sucking his cock at the same time. But those MILF pussies were wet and ready for some cock. Levi went mad on Sofia and Phoenix and never let up until the ladies had both orgasmed. When it was finally his turn, he gave Phoenix a creampie, and Sofia licked it off.


Laura Bentley mature porn on MILF Hunter

When it comes to hot MILFs, Laura Bentley is where it's at. This gorgeous blonde really blew our minds this week on MILF Hunter. We met up with her while scoping studio space. Laura was straight up and told us she was out for revenge against her cheating husband. She spotted us and asked if she could take a pic with Tony to send to her husband and make him jealous. Of course, we agreed. Then we told her if she really wanted to get back at him, why stop at a photo? Laura was totally down when we told her we were pros that could take some naughty pics.

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We all headed back to the apartment, and Laura came out in some HOT whit lingerie for the sexy pics. But truth be told, the session didn't last long. She started grabbing Tony's cock when she saw there was a camera rolling, and these two went at it. Tony ate her pussy, and Laura got him back with an insane blow job. Then Tony pounded that nice MILF pussy all over the apartment. He banged Laura like her husband never did and made her feel 20 years younger. When Tony couldn't hold out, he pulled out and Laura took it to the face like a MILF pro only could.


Michele Lovely mature porn on MILF Hunter

We had a super sexy mature babe on MILF Hunter this week by the name of Michele. The guys spotted her while they were out at the cemetery. You may be asking yourself, what the hell where the guys doing there? Well, it was a pretty straight-forward strategy. Pick up a grieving MILF widow and bang her brains out. Sure enough, they saw the smoking hot Michele in the distance and approached her. She was the bosses side girl and had just inherited a million dollars after he kicked the bucket. The catch was all those years she wasn't allowed to bang other guys.

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Well, now he was dead, and Michele had her cash, it was time to get down and dirty and explore what she'd been missing. Levi was the perfect man for the job, and they jumped in the car and took off. Within minutes, Michele was showing her pussy off in the back of the truck. She had no panties on, so it was really easy. Back at the house, Michele sucked Levi off properly. He returned the favor by eating that pussy. Then he gave her the pounding of her life. That MILF pussy was nice and tight, and Levi went wild on it. Michele's big tits bounced all over as she orgasmed hard. Then Levi pulled out and blasted his load all over her pretty face.


Kenzie Taylor nude on MILF Hunter

There is nothing quite like a smoking HOT Milf. And this week, Kenzie Taylor was an overachiever. It turned out that her hubby had been cheating on her with his 18-year-old receptionist. Kenzie was not too happy about that, and when she found out, she left his rich to sugar daddy ass and took half of everything. Kenzie packed up and called some movers to take her stuff away. One of them was looking good, and she figured before she left she should get hubby back one last time by banging him right there in their house while it was recorded. Chad was the man for the job and more than happy to bang this gorgeous blonde MILF.

Kenzie Taylor mature porn on MILF Hunter

Kenzie started things off by stripping down and showing off her big beautiful tits and amazing round ass. She was as legit as it got. Chad was in MILF heaven, as she sucked that cock like only a mature lady could. And he got her back by braking her off with a rock-hard, 20-something cock. Chad banged that smoking pussy all over the house, and Kenzie loved it. And when he couldn't handle anymore of that MILF pussy, he pulled out and nutted all over her gorgeous face as a cherry on top!


Eva Long Latina porn on MILF Hunter

Brad and Evan were out on the scene MILF hunting this week when they came across a 5-star babe in Eva Long. They first saw Eva, as she walked by. The guy were having lunch at a cafe, and she kept looking back. Eva eventually came over and asked Bradley if his name was Derrick. He ran with it and said, yes. Turned out Eva had set up a blind date over the internet with a guy by that name, so Brad jumped on the opportunity. She was looking good with her long legs and hot ass. Eva was married, but that was the whole point, it was a discreet hookup. They went back to the house, where Eva stripped down by the pond and showed off those insane MILF tits.

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Things were heating up, so they took the parties indoors. There Eva showed off her cock sucking skills. She was a true vet and put that tongue to Brad's cock like only a MILF vet could. After an insane BJ, he spread that pussy wide and pounded it all over the couch from several different angles. Eva loved that younger cock and moaned out in ecstasy. Brad stroked that pussy good and made her orgasm several times. Then he pulled out and shot a huge load of jizz all over her pretty MILF face.


Ginger Allen porn on MILF Hunter

This week on MILF Hunter, we had on the beautiful Ginger Allen. This gorgeous brunette was a friend of Levi's and was trying to appeal to him for help. She had moved to the states as a child from Hungary to train for the Olympics and had stayed. Turns out, her parents never finished her immigration documentation, and she was at risk of deportation. The quickest solution was to get married to an American. Levi wanted to help, but wasn't fully convinced. Ginger planned to let her pussy do the talking and persuade him. She came out in a nighty and dropped it off. Ginger had an insane body.

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She really had trained for the Olympics, and she was insanely flexible. Ginger started doing splits naked on the couch and showcasing her pussy. It was super HOT! Levi ate that pussy while she was in a split, and Ginger returned the favor with a crazy hot blow job. After that, it was game on. Levi pounded that pussy deep and hard from every imaginable position, as Ginger's insane ass bounced all over from the stroking. When Levi couldn't hold out any longer, he pulled out a busted a nut all over her pretty MILF face.

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