April, 2015


Ginger Allen porn on MILF Hunter

This week on MILF Hunter, we had on the beautiful Ginger Allen. This gorgeous brunette was a friend of Levi's and was trying to appeal to him for help. She had moved to the states as a child from Hungary to train for the Olympics and had stayed. Turns out, her parents never finished her immigration documentation, and she was at risk of deportation. The quickest solution was to get married to an American. Levi wanted to help, but wasn't fully convinced. Ginger planned to let her pussy do the talking and persuade him. She came out in a nighty and dropped it off. Ginger had an insane body.

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She really had trained for the Olympics, and she was insanely flexible. Ginger started doing splits naked on the couch and showcasing her pussy. It was super HOT! Levi ate that pussy while she was in a split, and Ginger returned the favor with a crazy hot blow job. After that, it was game on. Levi pounded that pussy deep and hard from every imaginable position, as Ginger's insane ass bounced all over from the stroking. When Levi couldn't hold out any longer, he pulled out a busted a nut all over her pretty MILF face.


Sasha Sweet blowjob on MILF Hunter

This week on MILF Hunter, we had on the lovely Sasha Sweet. And boy was she sweet! While Pauly and Levi were out cruising around and scoping out potential MILFs, they saw their new neighbor Sasha coming walking down the street. This lovely mature lady had a body on her that could stop traffic. Levi jumped out, and being the gentleman he was, introduced himself. After small talk, he cut right to the chase and invited Sasha back to his place to film something a little crazy. She was down and told him she'd be over in 15 minutes.

Sasha Sweet mature porn on MILF Hunter

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When the knock came at the door, Levi ran over to open the door. There he found Sasha dressed in an insanely revealing white outfit. Her tits and ass were busting out, and Levi couldn't wait to see more. That's when Sasha pulled out her huge vibrator and worked her pussy until she was orgasming like crazy. Levi had to jump in and take over. He banged that mature pussy deep and hard and had Sasha cumming like crazy. When it was finally his turn, Levi pulled out and busted his nut all over her pretty MILF face. This was a crazy HOT one you won't want to miss!


Becki Crewz MILF ass and tits on Reality Kings

This week on MILF Hunter, we had a big-tittied, blonde knockout named Becki Crewz. She was a friend of Levi's he'd been wanting to bang for a while. It turned out that she had three tickets to a kick ass party that was sold out, and she was willing to hook up Pauly and Levi. They went over and met her up to pick up the tix. Levi was super thankful and asked her if her ex-husband had the kids for the weekend, and he did, so Levi invited Becki back to his place.

Becki Crewz mature porn on MILF Hunter

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Levi started to change and get ready for the party, but Becki was more interested in his cock. She showed off her lingerie and stroked his cock through his shorts, and it was a done deal. Next thing we knew, Becki was shoving his cock down her throat and sucking away on it. This MILF knew how to love a cock proper. Levi rewarded her with a good deep stroking. Becki loved every moment and when Levi was ready to cum, he pulled out and jizzed all over her pretty face and huge perfect tits.


Brandi Jaimes porn on MILF Hunter

This week MILF Hunter hit the high seas with Brandi Jaimes. When the episode started, the guys were out at the marina scoping some fine MILFs they'd heard hang out there. In no time, Levi caught wind of Brandi walking in the distance. They approached her, as she sat in a chair by herself and asked what was up? Brandi explained that her girlfriend sold her out because they were supposed to go out on her boat, but now she was just there with nothing to do. Of course, the guys jumped on the opportunity and invited her out with them.

Once they were out at sea, Levi put the moves on Brandi. She liked younger guys, so it didn't take much effort. This MILF was experienced and more than ready for some action. She had some huge DD tits she showcased, and pretty soon, Levi was rubbing on that pussy to get it wet. Brandi returned the favor with a blow job that was so skillful only a MILF could out it down. Pretty soon, Levi was banging that HOT Milf pussy all over the boat. Brandi worked it like a champ and made him cum hard. Of course, Levi shot his load all over her face.

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