July, 2014


Vanessa Bella big tits milf porn

It's not everyday you get to bang a MILF that's nearly twice your age. When set Levi up on this adventure, and he heard that about Vanessa Bella, he thought she'd be some old, tired lady, and he'd do all the work. Boy, was he wrong! This cougar was more like a Siberian Tiger that was ready to ravage his cock. She told him she was super horny and wanted his young cock bad. This sexual adventure was all about appreciation. Vanessa appreciated Levi's young cock and sucked it like it was the last dick on Earth. Levi appreciated that back and licked Vanessa's MILF pussy and ass.

For some reason, this MILF's age really got Levi into it even more than normal, and he unleashed a sex fury on Vanessa. Levi banged that veteran pussy like it hadn't been pounded in 20 years. To quote Smokey from the movie Friday, Levi “knocked the dust off that pussy!” He banged Vanessa from various angles hard and deep, and this MILF orgasmed like she was a teenager again. After Levi had knocked her boots, she asked him to cum all over her face. And as a sign of true appreciation, Levi unleashed a fountain of cum and covered Vanessa in his jizz. She was so damn happy to get that young dick!


Nadia Styles MILF porn return

Back with a vengeance, this week we had a real MILF treat for you. For those of you who can remember the porn stars of the early to mid 2000's, Nadia Styles may ring a bell. This gorgeous mixed Latina and Asian babe was all the rage back then and suddenly disappeared from porn. It turned out that she had retired. But after nearly 6 years, Nadia Styles is back and made one of her very first adult videos of her rekindled porn career with MILF Hunter. Levi was lucky enough to get his crack at the mature, sexy and experienced starlet. At the beginning of the episode, he found Nadia yelling into her phone in a parking lot. Apparently, she'd just gotten into a big fight with her husband.... Read More


Kasey Storm MILF tits

While Levi was out at the golf course hitting some rounds, his caddy told him about a particular MILF that was the trophy wife of one of the old rich guys at the country club. Apparently, she always dressed revealing and was a chaser of younger cock. When Levi heard that, he knew he had to meet this MILF. Sure enough, the caddie knew when Kasey Storm would be coming in from the parking lot, and him and Levi posted up at the back of the car and waited. Once they saw her, he flagged her over, and Kasey began to walk towards them. They made some small talk about golf, and then Kasey cut right to the chase and told Levi that she wanted to get to know him better.

Kasey Storm MILF porn sex suit

Levi let her know that he had a place nearby if they wanted to hang out. Kasey was all about the sex, so they headed right over to his place. Once there, this sexy blond MILF stripped down and exposed her massive tits to Levi. Then she played with her pussy before she got down on her knees and started sucking Levi's cock. Kasey sucked dick like only a true MILF could. It was impressive. Then Levi went wild on that mature pussy. He banged Kasey like she hadn't been pounded in years. It brought out the freak in her, as she got on top and rode his dick even deeper. When Levi had gotten his share of that fine Cougar pussy, he pulled out, and Kasey knew just what to do, as she got down on her knees. Levi unleashed some shots of cum that drenched Kasey's face, and she loved it. Kasey just licked it all up with a big smile on her face.


MILF Violet Raye public sex

This was, by far, one of the wildest and craziest MILF Hunter episodes of all time. The way the story goes, Levi had gotten an email from a friend of a friend who wanted to meet the MILF Hunter in person. He'd dealt with groupies before, but this time was different. The chick's name was Violet, and she told Levi to meet her on a certain train at a specific time. That was all the guys had to go on. They had made it, sure enough, but there was no sign of Violet. However, there were a bunch of other people in the train cart. Within a couple minutes, a sexy MILF entered the train compartment and sat right next to Levi. She immediately introduced herself as Violet and told Levi about her fantasy of having public sex on a train.

Levi asked her, “right here?” But he could even react, Violet pulled out her big MILF tits and showed them to Levi. The girls on the train noticed and broke out because they were pretty sure things were about to get freaky. One guy did kind of hang around, so Levi gave him all the cash he had to motivate him to leave. Now that they were alone, Levi and Violet went at it wildly. He played with her pussy, and she sucked his cock in return. Then they had an all-out fuckfest in the train cart. They banged here, there, and everywhere. They even did it holding the railing. When it was just too much for Levi, he pulled out and busted his cumload on Violet's face. About that time, she explained it was her stop and time to get off.


Levi and Pauly went out for some food and scoped the sexy Maggie Green while they were at the restaurant. Levi totally wanted to talk to her, so he went to the bathroom, and on the way back, stopped to chat with Maggie. She was a buxom blond that was just calling out for some young dick. This cougar explained that she'd come to town to party with her friends, but their flight was delayed, so she was just stuck by herself totally bored. At that point, Maggie invited Levi over to hang out with her at her hotel suite. While he was out scoping the incredible ocean view, Maggie came out on the deck and flashed those huge MILF tits. That immediately caught Levi's interest and he followed her inside. There Maggie continued to strip down and revealed the rest of her curvy, sexy body. Levi wasted no time sticking his cock between her nice big tits and stroking them. Already in the perfect position, Maggie took his dick down her throat and gave him and incredible blow job. Levi then banged that sweet, mature pussy all over the suite, as Maggie's huge juggs bounced up and down from the pounding. When Levi couldn't take anymore of that hot MILF pussy, he pulled out and titty-fucked Maggie until he blasted his load all over her face and tits.

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