June, 2012


NAME: Syren DeMer
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5'6''

What else can you do when a porn star veteran such as Syren DeMer makes an appearance on your porn site? To me, I have no other option other than to make her our Featured Babe of the Week! This chick has been in the porn industry since 2006 (starting at the age of 37) and since then she has starred in over 80 films! And honestly, I think that this video she has done for Free MILF Hunter videos is the best one she has done yet! It's really great to watch her in action, especially after she got that boob job back in 2009. Check her out...she's the best featured babe on our site since we had Phoenix Marie guest star!

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It's not every day that we get a porn star on our site who is as hot as Destiny Porter. Sure, yesterday we had Syren de Mer, but that's an exception to our rule. This Destiny Porter chick is the real deal when it comes to MILF porn, nobody has as much experience as her, and nobody has her stamina. Watching her fuck on film is kind of like watching an Olympic swimmer attack the pool - you have no other option other than to just sit back and bask in the athletic greatness!

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We actually had Destiny Porter featured on our site due to a die-hard MILF Hunter fan writing to us requesting that she be on our site;

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Well, if we here at MILF Hunter are anything, we're loyal to our fans. Much like our hot carpet munching cougar video, we listen to our fan requests and try to fulfill them when they seem possible. Check out this video today, you won't regret it at all!


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Many parents send their kids off to private universities to get a important education and to better themselves. This is accurate for a little amount of guys and girls who go to a private university, but a huge number of them are in school to have the most incredible sexual experience in their live! It's not a surprise that there are countless of college students across the world, but primarily in the USA, that are involved in sexual activities than in school activities. College porno has been on the rise in demand and porn lovers wants to view these college girls ripping off every bit of clothing article and having naughty orgies with other college guys.

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It's amazing how raunchy these college guys become and how very proud they are to even film their orgy parties. They get turned on knowing that other internet porn viewers can view their amateur videos all over the world. Some of these beautiful females can even become future pornographic actresses if they keep this up! Every time they have one of the fetish parties they make sure to bring out all types of whipped cream and bunch of other things. You cannot find any other porn site that has this type of amazing COLLEGE PORN elsewhere.

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I think one of the things that I love about Free MILF Hunter videos is the fact that we are always showing hot older dames. The reason that I like this so much is the fact that most MILFs have a little bit of meat on their bones - they're not just those skinny little wisps that you usually see in porn videos. A great example of this is the curvy MILF deep throat video that we have for you today on our site.

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Coming from our featured episode Easy Rider (no relation to the counter-culture film), this movie features this chick who has a hot curvy body - huge breasts, big ass, and wide thighs - that just can't get enough of shoving rock-hard penises deep into her throat. This chick just doesn't stop at the head of the penis - she shoves the whole shaft deep into her mouth! It's pretty hot to watch!

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