May, 2012


NAME: Lexxi Lockhard
ALSO KNOWN AS: Lynne Lockheart
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
PUSSY: Totally tight!

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Today on MILF Hunter, we have a featured babe of the day, and she goes by the name of Lexxi Lockhart. We are super proud to have her do a video for us, and think that "What a Ride" will go down in MILF Hunter history as one of the best movies that we have ever done. In it, the super-hot chick does anal, oral, salad-tossing and just about every other sex move you can imagine!

Lexxi Lockhart is a babe who was born in Italy, but eventually found herself in Florida, the porn capital of the East. This chick loves to soak up the sun to get a tan, when she's not busy at the night club hanging out with all of her friends. Of course, this chick has a dorky side as well, she's a real sucker for video games, musicals, hot chicks and all things nerdy!

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I think what makes Lexxxi Lockhart so appealing to me is that she's just so down to earth; she only started doing porn in 2009 at the age of 30, which means that she just didn't jump into this industry without thinking about it! Enjoy this super hot babe today and her amazing 34DD-25-40 frame by signing up for the MILF Hunter army right now!


Keep your eyes out, sailors, we got a Lusty Hunter out there, and she's on the prowl for some brunette pussy! In this bisexual cougar video, we managed to catch up with this super hot babe who's over 40 and who's pussy is so ready to go that it might as well be purring like and engine! I say, you have not lived until you have seen this chick on a naked dogpile.

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Get your ass over to MILF Hunter today in order to see this Lusty Hunter video. It is too hot for me to do justice to it describing it to you. There is this one scene where she gives a blowjob while bending over backwards, and it is as HOT AS HELL! If you where smart, and was a fan of really good porn, then I highly suggest that you check out this shit today!

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Today on MILF Hunter videos, we are spotlighting the sex move MMF threesome, by showing you what is perhaps the sexiest MMF threesome to ever been caught on film. What is it about the MMF threesome that is so hot? Well, first of all I think that MMF is awesome because it's the only only sex move that is onomatopoeic. It's also awesome to see a really hot chick take as many dicks as possible.

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What makes this video in particular so hot is just how into sex this MILF babe is. The second the second cock enters into her pussy, she basically goes crazy and begins to squirt all over the place. The last time I saw a babe go this insane was when I was in a car ride with Margot Kidder for 10 hours.

Of course, MILF Hunter isn't just about MMF threesome porn, but MILF porn of all types. Each week, we pride ourselves in bringing you hot babe after hot mature babe who enjoys sex so much that they'd do it on camera. If you are into really intense cougars who enjoy to fuck, then join up with the MILF Hunter army today!

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Footville Blog

Girls consistently make sure to have a pedicure to amaze the men that they are involved with. A few men usually acknowledge it more than others and when this happens it becomes feet porn. There is one particular website that has available the freakiest feet porn on the web and that is at Free Footville. The ladies have the best toes and definitely knows how to put their feet to work.

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Today on our site, we decided to bring to you one of the most favorited videos in the history of our site. It's a cougar oral sex porn that goes by the simple name "Pussy Eating" (we're firm believers here at MILF Hunter in truth in advertising) and features this really curvy, horny MILF getting her pussy eaten out until she breaks out into a screaming orgasm!

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This chick in this video is super intense, after she gets eaten out until she cums, the chick just begs for more and more and even more! She's like the energizer bunny when it comes to sex. I get tired just WATCHING her ride on top of a rock-hard cock! Sign up with MILF Hunter to watch this video today!



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Our featured MILF Hunter Tube video of the day is this little video that goes by the simple title Bahama Mama. In this porn, we have so much hot poolside sex that I highly suggest that you chlorinate your pool just so it could maintain the right pH balance. These chicks in this video start off just lounging around the poolside, and end up engaging in some of the naughtiest sex acts you have ever seen.

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Have you ever watched a really hot MILF eat out the asshole of a sexy soccer mom while the soccer mom suck off some dude she just met? You will once you watch this video. You'll also see some double anal action, a pussy get eaten until the MILF's pussy cums all over the place, and a funny little scene featuring an inflatable raft. (That is also sexy)

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What makes this video so special is the fact that all of the MILFs in it are just so into their job. I have never seen babes so dedicated to making themselves cum, and I will probably never see something as hot as that again. This MILF Hunter video makes me really proud to be a part of this site, and I'm sure if you watch it you would feel proud to be a part of it as well!


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Today on the site, Free BangBros has in store for you a stretched vagina fucking film that will make you burst within seconds.This lady definitely loves to have a long sausage put far in her twat, and doesn’t care about if the everybody knows about it! If you thought you have watched some freaky porn before on this site, you got to make sure you brace yourself because this shit is crazy! View this film this evening and you will have a grin on your face for an entire week!

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