May, 2012


Free MILF Hunter Torrents has brought you a lot of great videos over the years, and I think that this "Pussy Persuasion" video might just be one of my all-time favorite ones. It's sort of like that MILF titty fuck video we did a while back for charity, only this ones ends up at the poolside instead of on the streets. I think you should do yourself a favor and watch this entire episode, because the ending is so intense that it blows my mind. I mean, this chick squirts so hard that I thought that everyone in the room was going to drown!

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Lisa Ann started as a stripper in the early 90's. In '94 Lisa Ann was in a few roles in xxx movies but she resigned in 1997 to take a few years off. She did some time touring as a feature dancer at many gentlemen clubs around the US showing off her amazing tits and hot ass all over the world.

After spending so much time on the road, Lisa Ann decided to relax and focus completely on her marriage and a new spa start up that didn't work out too well. Following the sale of her spa, Lisa realized her long-time goal by getting back the adult industry as an agent, and later due to the constant demand, this brunette MILF finally began filing in 2004. See why so many porn fans just can't get enough of her when you download the Bed Bath and Sex episode of MilfHunter!


Whatever happened to soccer moms? They seemed to all have vanished and have been replaced by MILFs, cougars, and older dames! Well, we here at MILF Hunter are doing our best to bring back the soccer mom trend by showing to you this really awesome redhead soccer mom today, thanks to our "Ginger Spice" episode! This chick is hot as hell, and has lips that are so incredible that you just won't believe them. If you pass on downloading this episode, I just know that you are going to regret it for the rest of your life. Check out this hot porn video today, only at MILF Hunter!

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Do you like pussy eating? What about salad tossing? What about cat flipping? Well, if you like the first two things then you are really going to like this Sexing in the Rain episode of MILF Hunter. If you like the third thing, you're a liar. There's no such sex move as "cat flipping." I made it up, and you just played along to sound cool. Pathetic.

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We're doubling your pleasure here today at MILF Hunter - we have some really great double penetration MILF porn on MILF Hunter video thanks to this BRAND NEW episode we just came out with called "double meat." It is as sexy as hell and will give you plenty of material for your spank bank, so I highly suggest that you download all of it today.

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We're about halfway through the year, and I began to think to myself "what is the best creampie that I have seen so far since January 1st?" After sitting down and thinking about it for a long time, and then consulting with my friends, I think I have came to the conclusion that the best creampie of the year goes to this cougar creampie from the MILF Hunter episode Mommy and Me. It's just so intense and delicious, that watching the video makes me want to lick the screen.

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This chick in this video might be pretty new to the porn industry, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. I mean, she's about 38 years old...of course she has a shitload of experience, so pay close attention to this video and you might just learn something!


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